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Whitney Wall Photography  |  Rockwall, TX

903.413.5235  |  whitney_wall@ymail.com

My passion for photography derives from my passion for LOVE. There's just something about love - the thought of it, the sight of it - that gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside. 
The love between a man and a woman. The love of a mother for her child. The love a man has for his family that he works hard for. The love of the game. The love a child has for the butterflies floating in the air or the tonka truck in the mud. The LOVE of the small things in life. The ability to capture these things and hold onto them forever is beyond amazing to me. THAT is what makes photography great.


I take a very realistic, natural approach to photography and my favorite photos are always the ones that I feel have captured real emotion!  I approach each family and each session differently and my goal is to always get to know you enough to capture your personalities in your images.  


A little about me:

I'm a momma, Christ follower, Texan born and raised, fitness enthusiast, and I'm happiest in a group of friends with a drink in my hand!  I'm one of the most real, down-to-earth people you will meet.


I have ALWAYS loved pictures.  My parents bought me disposable cameras when I was a kid and I filled them up with pictures of my barbies and dolls. As I got older, I was always the one in my group of friends to bring the camera along.  Gah, hard to believe my high school days were before iPhones!  I feel old. 

I FINALLY got my first DSLR in 2010 and my love for photography really took off.  I studied and practiced, and pretty much took pictures for anyone that would let me!  I have grown so much since then - with the help of some great mentors, a lot of late night study sessions, and a ton of trial and error (PTL for digital).  I am proud of my work, but never content with where I am as a photographer.  I will always be learning and growing and trying to be the best I can possibly be!


Photo compliments of Victoria Boevers Photography